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Nov. 29, 2017

Chemical water workshop cover, waste water tank and other metal Oral treatment: pickling occasions, mechanical peripherals instead of wood floors, highly corrosive containers around the electroplating line walkway, double ground Poor sea food processing plants: On the transport industry: platforms, ship cabins, glass fiber reinforced frp grating walkway, military minesweeper, staircase board beverage industry: staircase board, instead of expensive stainless steel, there is a load of floor pulp and processing plants: staircase slab and floor, floor walkway , Poor humidity electronics industry: cover, pickling workshop, anti-static grid and high-clean
Water treatment: FRP inspection walkways, undercover cover, poor container, washer, trash rack, sink, biochemical water treatment pool rack, window, staircase, cooling tower console pavement Chemical Plant: Control platform, fence, double floor, cover, filter kerosene Industry: offshore kerosene platform Textile Factory:
Degree workshop meat processing plants: perishable floors, stairs, slippery floor workbench and staircase slab Other: corrosion-resistant shelves, accessories, fountains, scaffolding, civil construction facilities, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille breeding fence and double-decker floor.

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